Catifyme’s Awesome Gift Card


Are you not sure what picture your friends or family would like catified? Do you want them to manually choose all the extras? Do you want them to have a magnificent present?

Fear not, we’ve got your back!

Just order our Awesome Gift Cards, and we will send you printable gift certificate with cool design, which you can even put in fancy envelope if you like. Later, your loved ones can order whatever they like for that value or higher, and it will be subtracted from their order total.

Just bear in mind that our gift cards expire in two months after purchase, so if your friends don’t use them, we’ll assume they didn’t liked it, we’ll be very sad and probably void the gift card.

  • $ 20
  • $ 40
  • $ 60
  • $ 80
  • $ 120
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Our gift cards expire in two months after purchase. They can't be traded for money, and can't be used for ordering another gift cards. The coupon code can be used one time only, so make sure you make big enough order. For example, with $60 coupon you can order one $60 catification or two for $25 and $35, as long as you order them at once. For any other questions please visit our support page.


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