Draw you as a silly llama


Tired of looking really good on every single photo? See what would you look like as a silly llama! Or even better – make the perfect gift by mocking your beautiful selfie absorbed friends.

For $10, you will get a preposterous llama version of one person, from a photo of your choice, dumbing down the person’s expression, teeth and general looks. This don’t include additional extras like clothes and items from the photo, customized background or print size resolution.

In addition to the basic $10 you can add more extras for your silly lama, which will enhance its likeness and make a more fun portrait:

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Base price

$10 for one lama

Service description

You will receive a lama version of one person, from a photo of your choice, approximating the person expression, posture and general looks.

Turnaround time

14-24 days

Free revisions


Image size

The default delivered image is a .jpg file that can be printed as 5×7'' photo. You can order "Deliver in high resolution" extra for bigger prints, up to 11×16''.

Hard copy

I don't provide paper copy of the drawing. You can purchase print size extra and print it yourself/send it to your preferred print service.


Images produced in this service are licensed under a
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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